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July 28, 2015

MRI with Contrast

Interesting article posted today, one that could be of concern to people with IIH who have had multiple MRI scans with contrast. I know I personally have had many MRIs since I was diagnosed in 2012 and every one of them has been with contrast agents. I don't know if the contrast mentioned in the article is the same as the one used in Canada, but definitely something to keep in mind.

It's not known whether these deposits are harmful or can lead to adverse health effects. "To date, no signs or symptoms of adverse health effects and no pathological changes have been associated with these gadolinium deposits in the brain," the FDA notes.

For the full article see: Gadolinium Brain Deposits on FDA Radar

I received my referral to my next neurosurgeon last night. I'm going on to my third NS. First one retired, second one has been on leave since at least April and now I have a referral to this one as my follow up after my hospital stay in May never did contact me with a new appointment after his office cancelled my appointment. My appointment is booked for August 6th.  Not that long of a wait considering I've been in kind of a holding pattern since June with the follow up situation. Of course, the appointment notification came with the standard "if unable to wait, please go to nearest ER", which, although there is a hospital in Brantford, I interpret as "please go to ER at Hamilton General Hospital" simply because Brantford doesn't have the neurological facilities Hamilton does. 

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