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July 10, 2015

Apointment and more

I had my regular appointment with Dr Rodriguez on Wednesday. Visual Field Test results were pretty consistent with previous tests, showing no further vision loss at this time. An examination of my eyes showed no papilledema, which he is happy with as it indicates the pressure hasn't gotten too high yet.  I was of course advised to call him for an immediate appointment if I have any changes in my vision.

Based on my stay in the hospital back at the beginning of May, and the lack of follow up with a neuro-surgeon my next visit will be in approximately 2 months instead of the usual 4.  He is also going to try getting me in with someone to follow up on the tied shunt and increasing pressure.

Rachel has been away since Saturday. She went to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls with her cousins and grand parents, then up to her Aunt's place in Innisfil. She comes home Saturday or Sunday.  Instead of enjoying the peace and quiet, I decide it's time to redo her bedroom. Big changes in the look of her room.  It started out with the typical mess a 5 year old can have.  Toys out of place and just generally over run with too much stuff. I weeded out the toys that she has outgrown and put everything back in it's place.


I made some changes to the wall hangings and finally got her Frozen curtains in place. We also added some purple vinyl to the panels of her bed and flipped it over (Kura loft bed from Ikea) and created a reading nook under the bed with her bookcase and old crib mattress. I think the end result looks pretty good, and I can't wait for her to get home and see it!  My only regret in redoing her room was the fact that I have started wearing a Fitbit Flex that was given to me by my good friend Barb.  I didn't think to put it on until after I had finished working on Rachel's room! All that activity that didn't get tracked!

While the following isn't IIH related, it does demonstrate that anyone can have a bad day!. This is a true story of something that happened to my older daughter Krystal while at work one day.

Image and video hosting by HilariousGIFs.comKrystal  - ok so basically here's the run down in "pretty terms". Its really bad/Sad xD 

On my last break, needed to use the bathroom in all ways. Went into the stall and did my business and realized - no paper - 

I had left all means of contact (Tablet and phone) in the lunch room so i probably just sat there a good 5-10 minutes doing the shake/drip dry but i couldn't just leave it like that due to the business at hand. 

I pulled up enough that i was covered (thankfully i was wearing my work apron) but not enough that i was going to touch my underwear. I shimmed into another stall but half way to a lady walked into the bathroom XD 

I informed her the stall was out of paper and was grabbing a handful. She informed me she needed the higher toilet so i apologized; handed her the ball of TP i had just grabbed and quickly locked myself into the other stall trying hard not to laugh while she did her business. 

I waited till she was gone, Cleaned up and quickly left the bathroom to finish my break in a fit of giggles. xD 

Yep True story! Note to self; ALWAYS take a phone into the bathroom then i could have texted my manager to bring TP into the bathroom to refill instead of having been nearly caught with my pants around my hips. Thank god for Aprons xD
I can only hope that she wasn't the one responsible for washroom maintenance that day at work!

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