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February 15, 2017

Parenting done Right!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with IIH... feel free to skip it, though I hope you won't! In fact, I hope this story is shared, I would love for word of it to get back to the other family involved.

It's a short story of something that happened while my family was out for dinner on Valentine's Day, and it made Rachel's day in her words the best day ever! 

We went out for dinner, just something simple, Wimpy's Diner in Brantford and given Valentine's Day this year was a Tuesday, that meant it was also lesson night for Rachel, so after dinner we were headed to the barn, so she wasn't dressed up in anything special.  Red plaid shirt and red stretch pants comfortable and practical for riding in, red in consideration of the occasion.

After dinner, as we were getting ready to settle up and head out, another family headed past our table and a little boy spotted Rachel.  He was close to her in age, I would guess no more than 8. As he spotted her, his eyes lit up and he smiled, and next thing we knew, he was walking past her and spoke to Rachel, nothing much, just said simply "hi Pretty" to her as he went by.  She wasn't sure how to react, and got all quiet, but recovered her manners to thank the little boy when he approached our table and presented her with a yellow sucker before smiling again and leaving.

I heard his parents telling him how nice that was of him as they left the restaurant, and while we didn't have time to react other than to say thank you to the little boy, I'm making a point here of saying yes, it was an amazing thing to see and hear and I hope this little guy continues have this amazing attitude toward others!

They may never hear it, or be aware of it, but I want to thank those parents for teaching their son to be respectful of little girls and to treat them politely. He made my daughter's day with his kind words and actions.

There are so many stories out there of children treating one another in such negative ways, I wanted to make sure that I put this one out there to say that occasionally the good ones happen, perhaps they just don't get told!

Speaking of Rachel riding tonight, here's a quick clip from her cantering session tonight!

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