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May 28, 2015

Moving Forward - May 28th

I find the strength is returning on my left side. It has been a slow recovery from the shunt procedure that took place almost a month ago, but I have been doing better in some areas.
Collarbone Incision
Almost completely healed

Nausea, vomiting, and indigestion issues have all disappeared. I still get to see Rob gloating every night with the "I was right" expression on his face!

Neck Incision healed
Where the actual tie was placed
I have an appetite once again and with some help have no trouble making dinner. I do have increased pressure in my head, especially when there are changes in the weather. If it's too cold or a storm is approaching my pain levels increase and I have noticed increased swooshing noises in my head, especially if I am bending forward or laying down.  I guess when I have my follow up, that will have to be addressed.

I have considered asking the neurosurgeon if perhaps it is time to consider replacing my current shunt with a programmable one.  I seem to have about 6 months before adjustments that result in pressure changes in my head take full effect.

Approximately 8 months after my right side shunt was placed, my symptoms returned and eventually a second shunt was placed. 6 months after my left shunt was placed, I experienced over-drainage and low pressure. Already, I can feel the pressure building and I have the feeling that it will continue to climb.

A programmable shunt wasn't considered when I initially had my surgery. I had a pre-set valve placed both times and they seem to vary immensely between high and low CSF pressure levels. The magnets in the MRI cause programmable shunts to reset and require follow up to have the shunt flow rate adjusted. As I was going for frequent MRIs, I would also require readjustment after each visit.  Currently, the number of MRIs have been reduced to an annual occurrence which means the frequency of reset would be much less, and this option may be the answer to the fluctuation in my CSF levels.

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