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A Piece of Cake!

OK perhaps "A piece of Cake" isn't quite the proper description because this page is photos of complete cakes, be warned. I will not be held responsible for cake cravings!

In October 2013, I found myself considering the number of cooking and baking shows I watch and thinking "I can do that".  Keep in mind, I've never had any formal cake decorating lessons, what you see here is all self taught and a matter of trial and error. Drop me an email if you would like a recipe or are interested in knowing how I achieved a certain effect.

I don't use box mix cakes or pre-packaged icing in most cases, and icing varies between butter cream, cream cheese butter cream and fondant.

I found baking and decorating the cakes here to be somewhat therapeutic. Working on the intricate details took away some of the focus from the pain in my head.  My eyesight did create some challenges while working on these , but I don't think it created any major issues.  If something exceedingly intricate was needed, I would call in my daughter Krystal.  The cow is a perfect example of a time when she was truly needed.


My first custom cake

Pumpkin Cake with cream cheese butter cream
 Rachel's 4th Birthday
Blueberry lemon cake, cream cheese butter cream
 marbled fondant and butter cream Dora

Interior of the Dora Birthday Cake

combination birthday cake
Cow - Gluten free chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting
Basket - Pumpkin cake with chocolate frosting and Kit Kat Surround
Panda - Chocolate cake with Cream cheese  Butter cream

Bon Jovi Bear with sugar disk and rose
Butter Pecan cake with cream cheese butter cream frosting

Bear back
Krystal's birthday Cake
Jack Skellington - Egg Nog pound cake with fondant
Black square - Butter Pecan cake covered in fondant
modelling chocolate poinsettia

Family Christmas cake
Green cake is butter pecan, red/green marbled 
Poinsettia is made from modelling chocolate
 Santa's list is made from fondant with food colouring markers
Blue cake is Gluten free Chocolate with Peanut butter butter cream inside the blue fondant.
Snowman is chocolate cake with cream cheese butter cream frosting
coal is mini rice crispy pieces dyed black
carrot nose and hat are both made of moulded/shaped fondant.

Christmas Cake for Mother-in-Law's workplace
LeBaron specializes in equipment for Hunting camping and fishing
Fishing penguin plus one sleeping in the blue tent.
Trees are green tinted rice krispy, pond is gel icing over blue fondant, fire by tents is pulled sugar
100% edible cake - white cake tinted red and green for holidays, cream cheese butter cream

Christmas Day
5 layers of carrot cake with pineapple, cranberry and walnuts
top layer - Gluten Free Chocolate
Cream cheese butter cream, green fondant
light strand and candy decorations
topped with pulled and blown sugar angel made by Krystal


Niece Catelynn's first birthday
confetti cake with yellow butter cream
mash cake - butter cream and fondant bunny to look like her favourite stuffed bunny

German chocolate Humidor Cake for my brother in law
St Remy's and cigars only non edible part, even ashtray made with modelling chocolate

Chocolate and vanilla marble cream cheese pound cake
blue butter cream frosting with edible silver spray
figures, instruments and sound equipment fondant, modelling chocolate and rice krispy square
silver painted smarties and silver dragees for decorations
some toothpicks for structure

Rear view of the Rockin' Birthday Cake

Mother's day cake
black and white sheet cake adapted with blueberry instead of chocolate
layer of blueberry lemon sauce between layers instead of frosting
only fondant on this one is the flowers

Cake for father in law to bring to grand opening for House of Concepts
Black and white marble sheet cake with chocolate butter cream frosting
fondant made to appear as hardwood flooring, finished with a light brushing of vodka for shine
black stand up sign made with modelling chocolate and piped butter cream

Same as mother's day cake, black and white sheet adapted to a blueberry lemon marble
tree is made with modelling chocolate and fondant flowers
green cream cheese butter cream

Vanilla cheese cake with chocolate cookie crust
Topped with fresh fruit and glazed
50 created using moulded chocolate

Birthday/Graduation cake for my sister Mandee
Purple and black zebra cake
Zebra print on sides using sugar sheets
caps are modelling chocolate and fondant

Interior of Zebra cake

Nephew Kurtlan's 14th Birthday
Skull cake adapted to severed head
chocolate cake with fondant and modelling chocolate
hidden inside was a chocolate shell with cherry filling to give a "crack" when cut
black licorice for hair

Front view of severed head cake before finishing board and adding cherries

2nd cake for Kurtlan's birthday for the more squeamish

Sister in law's birthday cake
chocolate cake with rice krispy crossbones
cake skulls were stacked, and dusted with edible glitter

Inspiration for the above cake

Mother in Law's birthday cake
butter pecan cake with stabilized whipped cream frosting
modelling chocolate "pumpkin tea pot and cup"
moulded white chocolate "cake"
fondant Mom card
modelling chocolate and fondant e-reader

Close-up of e-reader
 only non edible portion was the text which was printed and attached to a foil backing

Like most girls, Rachel had to have a Frozen theme cake
Confetti cake with stabilized whipped cream frosting
green rice krispy trees dusted with icing sugar snow
purple and blue tinted sugar formed into sheets then broken for jagged ice appearance
plastic Elsa and Anna figures

rice krispy tree with lights and powdered sugar
cream cheese filled strawberry Santas
basic white cake with stabilized whipped cream frosting


Peanut butter cup cake

6th Birthday for my nephew Ethan
chocolate and vanilla 3 layer cake
cream cheese butter cream icing
sugar sheets used for Habs logo

Carrot cake with Cream Cheese butter cream
cupcake shape pan

Butter Pecan (box mix)
Cream cheese buttercream
Marshmallow fondant - first time trying this recipe
Sailor Mercury symbol made with chocolate
edible silver glitter and silver dragees
edible food writer for the "belated" tag :)
Pumpkin spice cake with Cream cheese buttercream
Cheetah print marshmallow fondant
Blocks - Rice Crispy Squares covered with fondant

Partnered with Cheetah Print Mini Cheesecakes
White background with original crust
Orange background used a chocolate crust
Shoes were not edible

Baby due October 2015
Pumpkin on first block for October
Lamb on last block for 2015 "Year of the Sheep"

Kurtlan's 15th birthday at East Side Mario's!
Cake is a minecraft inspired block  made with chocolate fudge and devil's food cake.
Boxed mix was used this time due to limited time.
Icing used was chocolate fudge and vanilla
Green tinted coconut for the grass. 
Robert made the minecraft axe for me that is cutting into the block


Cupcake - Butter pecan with cream cheese butter cream for Mother in Law
Skull - Peanut butter with PB Glaze for Sister in Law

Pumpkin Sheet cake for family gathering to celebrate my in-laws 70th birthdays

Pumpkin Sheet cake with cream cheese buttercream
chocolate rocks to form path
pretzel fence, door and window frames
pumpkins, bats ghosts and hand in the grave non-edible

Monster cupcakes for Rachel's 6th birthday party
Chocolate and vanilla with cream cheese buttercream


"Irish Car bomb" cake
Chocolate cake with Guinness Beer
Jamison's Irish Whiskey Glaze
Irish Cream buttercream frosting
Image on this cake was a laminated print removed before cutting the cake